or, justification for satisfying annual urge to completely revamp web presence.

I am inspired by the promises of an Indie Web. Owning your data, cool. A single source of truth to your content and identity, nice. Possibility of sinking countless hours into configuring your own corner of the internet, ok you got me there.

I’m hearing some rattling in my internet social spheres about how content silos are making the internet more homogeneous, forcing you to conform and contort your thoughts into prescribed formatting, that force of nature that causes experts in their fields to blast out 50-part tweetstorms that should be written in an article instead. Hey you sound exactly like the indiewebcamp people!

Go check it out. They’re nice, too (:

>personal minutia

This is going to be a static site because it is just a blog; if I am generating enough content to need a database behind it I should probably be getting paid for it. Fun fact: in middle school, my diary was a series of .txt files.

I know everyone and github is really into jekyll, but I decided to use hexo to generate my static site for the following reasons:

  • I’m a node developer (bring on the hate) who is too lazy to install ruby stuff on my computer.
  • hexo’s developer community is surprisingly full of chinese people. I am forced to face my illiteracy and read a lot of chinese. It will be good practice :D

Speaking of which, I’m pretty surprised I don’t encounter a lot more chinese developers on the internet, seeing as how there’s a lot of cool people and technology in china. It seems the Great Firewall runs deep.

Cool, hopefully you can see some longform appear here in the near future! Or this will devolve back into a nature photoblog (I’ll keep that going on my tumblr). Either way.