alpine witch & technomancer

I was raised by the internet in a dreamy summer haze of oceans & deserts. I have the gnarliest sandle tan, the loudest laugh of any introvert, and the window into my soul is probably my eyebrows. Some seasons in Berlin & many wilderness and roadside bivvies later I am living in California again, building Honeycomb and climbing mountains.

have you met me?

We might have interacted: ClojureBridge Berlin, RGSoC, Trustroots, γδβγ, Convox, iAV

currently learning

hiragana, delegation

other interests

clojure <3, trad climbing, riding bicycles, open-water swimming, long distance backpacking, motorcycles, nature journaling & sketchbooks, sharing/free economy, intentional communities, social and political sustainability, vidya games, scifi, web comics

places I <3

High Sierras, Berlin