alpine witch & technomancer

I was raised by the internet in a dreamy summer haze of oceans & deserts. I have the gnarliest sandle tan, the loudest laugh of any introvert, and the window into my soul is probably my eyebrows. I've spent some time making art, dirtbagging, hitchhiking, drawing comics, talking to strangers and telling stories, currently unreasonably excited to be living in California again, building honeycomb and climbing mountains.

have you met me?

We might have interacted: ClojureBridge Berlin, RGSoC, Trustroots, γδβγ, Convox, iAV

currently learning

observability, design systems, data-intensive ui, probing the machine and channeling its screams into human-readable formats

other interests

clojure <3, trad climbing, riding bicycles, open-water swimming, long distance backpacking, motorcycles, nature journaling & sketchbooks, sharing/free economy, intentional communities, social and political sustainability, vidya games, scifi, web comics

places I <3

high Sierras, Berlin