self portraits of the artist as a young dirtbag

I spend a lot of time in nature, often alone. In spring 2017 I made a solo hitchhiking and wild camping trip in the Balkans. It was too early for tourists and the locals were still in a winter daze, so I often had the mountains to myself, sometimes walking 30km+ in a day and seeing no one, falling asleep to the sounds of confused birds or feral dogs barking in the night and waking up with frost covering my tent.

piatra craiului, romania
tara, serbia
paklenica, croatia

places for tents & bivies

On the road, everywhere starts to look like a spot for shelter (: Wild camping sometimes means you have to wake up before sunrise, national park glamping means a luxurious late start.

piatra craiului, romania
piatra craiului, romania
sequoia, california
lake tahoe, california
west coast trail, bc, canada

friends & mountains

When I'm alone in the mountains, and it's the time of day where everything glows as it is fading, I feel like I can't hold this entire dream world on my own—I become wistful for another person to share the experience with, to solidify the memory and give it weight.

engelberg, switzerland
dozier dome, yosemite, california
west coast trail, bc, canada
desolation wilderness, california
death valley, california
doi inthanon, thailand
castle rock, california
malibu creek, california
mt. diablo, california

salt, sand, & smoke

I grew up on the coastal desert, so the ocean is a big part of my identity.

santa monica, california
west coast trail, bc, canada
norcal, california
ocean beach, san francisco, california
tulum, mexico
big sur, california

urban play structures

I am super interested in how different places build things for their kids. Of course I have to climb all over these whenever I find them (:

barcelona, spain
bucharest, romania
la serena, chile
zagreb, croatia


Look up; no one ever looks up. Even in the city I like to gain some elevation.

san francisco, california
san francisco, california