I'm daiyi. I climb mountains and make art & code.

constantly dying under the weight of all the awesome stuff to do in this life, on this huge and excellent planet \o/ about | twitter | github

project boneyard

time zone wheel

I find myself unsatisfied with pretty much all existing timezone tools. Time is a circle, dammit. Spin it 'round


clojure/cljs app to visualise sunlight events, e.g. for wild camping, alpine starts, nature photography, waiting out long berlin winter, etc :D

webGL l-system trees

I procedurally generated a mathematically adorable forest and crashed my computer so I guess I'm not a master of webgl performance (yet!)

visual novel engine

renders nonlinear visual novel games from a markdown-ish syntax, made for my writer friends! (we never finished the story though sigh)

.txt editor

Hashtags for txt files. I think electron apps will destroy the planet but I went ahead and made one anyway, hilarious!


minimalistic browser notetaking! yeah I'm obsessed with .txt like a true 90's kid



a game about sisters and second-hand stories. you explore my friends' memories of me through my travel sketchbooks.

salty dog

maze story prototype where a salty dog must reunite with his pirate ship, secretly a thin wrapper on a dijkstra's implementation ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


basically a pokemon tamagotchi game connecting with your fitness tracker to hatch eggs (it was super cute but I still hate running)



I did the ultimage bikeshedding: designed/built my blog theme from scratch. fml. (it's pretty cute though) (also flexbox is awesome but I guess flexbox is so 2016)

cinnamon theme

I'm incredibly embarassed to admit that I made a cinnamon theme; also customising linux workspaces is the biggest trap in the galaxy.jpg


designing and building the new website for mypaint (my digital drawing tool of choice :D)