It’s really happening. After many months of anticipation, we’re so close to finally start working on re-frame.

Levels of excitement are raising.
Preparations are being made.
Informations are getting exchanged.

Only four more days!

It fascinates me to realize how many people put time and energy into making this experience possible. Five months ago, my job ended unexpectedly. The next day, I saw that applications for Rails Girls Summer of Code were opening. What a happy coincidence. Through a common friend, Chris and I got connected and things started to fall into place. We talked to many people and found six amazing coaches that were willing to support us throughout the project.

The Clojure community in Berlin had a big positive influence on both of us, which made the decision for a particular project quite easy. We wanted to deepen our experience with ClojureScript and contribute to the community that has welcomed us in such a beautiful way.

This morning, we talked to the project maintainers for the first time. It was a great way to get a bit more of a bigger picture. They told us that re-frame emerged out of the intention to create richer and more sophisticated clients, which puts more stress on the client side of things than usual.

I always ask myself, how do people start larger projects? What does the first commit look like? Well, I am going to tell you, because I could not resist to have a look at it. Here are the first lines of re-frame:

+A Reagent Framework

Just thinking about how these four simple lines grew into what the framework is today simply blows my mind.

Coming from two different sides, I’m happy to be working together with Chris on this. She has a strong background in JavaScript and React and I have a bit of practical experience with Clojure. It feels like a really good fit. Our plan for the first couple of days is getting familiar with the ClojureScript toolings and creating some sample applications with Reagent and re-frame.

I’m wondering, what will the next three months bring for us? The thought alone puts a smile on my face. We will keep you updated about all the bumps and breakthroughs we will experience. I am very happy and grateful to be part of a team full of inspiring people. Let’s see what we can create together!