Life updates


Some Thoughts Is it already the beginning of August? That’s what my calender says, I’m not sure if I can believe it though. The last weeks have been filled with coding, exchanging ideas with my team and organizing our calenders. So far, our blog has not been able to keep up with the flood of knowledge that is accumulating in our heads. It’s time to change that! Here are some thoughts on our current state and my intention for this space.


It’s really happening. After many months of anticipation, we’re so close to finally start working on re-frame. Levels of excitement are raising. Preparations are being made. Informations are getting exchanged. Only four more days! It fascinates me to realize how many people put time and energy into making this experience possible. Five months ago, my job ended unexpectedly. The next day, I saw that applications for Rails Girls Summer of Code were opening.


One of our goals for the summer is to write more, so we are aggressively setting up a whole new blog for our dedicated developer diary as we learn about clojure/clojurescript, framework development, and open source contribution! Super excited to start working on re-frame next week (I can’t believe there’s only a week left, what happened to June??) ;; silent screaming <3, chris