17 07 10Berlin

so I can work longer, so I can earn more,

so I can do more maintainance on this meat vessel of my consciousness.
17 03 30London

What am I reading? (March 2017)

Books I read in March 2017! The Best We Could Do, Strange Pilgrims, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Confidence Code.
17 02 28Brooklyn

What am I reading? (February 2017)

Books I read in February! Part of an ongoing series.
17 02 26Brooklyn

notes from a civic hackathon

I went to Hack The Ban, a peaceful one-day hackathon to support nonprofits and activism.
17 02 13Brooklyn

What am I reading? (January 2017)

I love browsing other peoples' reading lists! Reviews of books I read in 2017 Jan
16 12 13

Say it out loud to make it real. Promise to not use your powers for evil.

build up your muscle memory so that when the time comes your rationalisation won't impede your instinct
16 11 30Berlin

signaling in tech is some fucked up shit

I am exactly as cool as I was before I started writing clojure.
16 11 13Berlin

everything I do feels so trite

civic guilt, cultural privilege, and a flurry of other lovely thoughts in the wake of USA election 2016.
16 11 07Berlin

I went to IndieWebCamp

I am inspired by the promises of an Indie Web.