18 09 26Berlin

a dream sensation, life in berlin (2017)

A lifetime ago.

17 07 10Berlin

so I can work longer, so I can earn more,

so I can do more maintainance on this meat vessel of my consciousness.

17 03 30London

What am I reading? (March 2017)

Books I read in March 2017! The Best We Could Do, Strange Pilgrims, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Confidence Code.

17 03 20Brooklyn

a tiny life in brooklyn winter

Excited to be on the road again, exhausted from being excited about things.

17 02 28Brooklyn

What am I reading? (February 2017)

Books I read in February! Part of an ongoing series.

17 02 26Brooklyn

notes from a civic hackathon

I went to Hack The Ban, a peaceful one-day hackathon to support nonprofits and activism.

17 02 13Brooklyn

What am I reading? (January 2017)

I love browsing other peoples' reading lists! and so I am making one too

16 11 30Berlin

signaling in tech is some fucked up shit

I am exactly as cool as I was before I started writing clojure.

16 11 07Berlin

I went to IndieWebCamp

I am inspired by the promises of an Indie Web.