23 03 08Bishop, CA

How to tie-dye synthetic clothing

You can have non-boring athleticwear (but at what cost?)

23 03 06Bishop, CA

Tuolumne Bouldering: summer's best-kept secret

My 2022 pebble wrestling season in Yosemite highcountry

22 09 28Mammoth Lakes

Cloudripper & Vagabond

Pipe hike!! Fall colours, remote like the moon, uphill both ways, great views of the Palisades, good for dogs!

22 08 31Mammoth Lakes

Mount Baldwin (12,598ft)

Good for dogs

22 07 04mammoth lakes

I made 200 pizza and 2 zines

21 12 08Vancouver

An antidote to the mountain hermitage

I miss being around multidisciplinary nerds

21 11 26Bishop, CA

Wilderness First Responder (WFR)

80 hours of bootcamp in an outdoor classroom between the mountains and the desert. Exhausting to the bone. Time well-spent.

21 11 05Mammoth Lakes

How to automate previews for Github Pages

Use Github Actions to create previews on pull requests to your gh-pages-hosted static site, by pushing to a secret subdirectory. What could go wrong??

21 11 01Mammoth Lakes

A dog costume rises from the recycling bin

For Halloween, Mica dressed up as herself: a dog inside of a van.

21 08 29Mammoth Lakes

Pilot Knob (12,245 ft)

Mica's 12th SPS and longest dayhike at 22.5+ miles!

21 08 19Mammoth Lakes

Mount Emerson - Waterfall Route and homemade ice cream

A comfy chimney to a solid, exposed ridge. Fun!

21 08 06June Lake, CA

Rodgers Peak (12,552 ft)

Big dayhike to a remote peak with rad views of Yosemite, Tuolumne, and Mammoth. Wildfire smoke.

21 08 04Truckee, CA

Castle Peak, Basin Peak, Warren Lake

I did a fun loop of two peaks and an alpine lake near Truckee, in the north Tahoe area

21 08 02Seattle, WA

Reconnecting with the water – a van trip through Oregon

Take me back to Blow Lake.

21 07 17Mammoth Lakes

Basin Mountain

After staring at this peak all winter while bouldering at the Buttermilks, we reverse the roles and get a view of the Peabodies from 6000ft above. Good for dogs!

21 06 30Mammoth Lakes

Bloody Mountain (12,552 ft)

A Mammoth skyline classic! good for dogs.

21 06 24Mammoth Lakes

Crystal Crag is tough for dogs

Mica tackles the iconic Mammoth feature and confirms it is definitely no less than a class 3 scramble to the top

21 06 13Mammoth Lakes

North Peak (12,242ft)

A fun class 2 hike with views of Yosemite and beyond, great for cross-country beginners and expert dingos!

21 06 11Mammoth Lakes

Mount Julius Caesar

Straight out of Denali, Yelly takes Mica on a 20 mile, 6100ft dayhike!

21 02 01Mammoth Lakes

Hourly Comic Day 2021

I drew one slice-of-life comic panel per hour for the yearly internet tradition!

20 08 22Mammoth Lakes

Mount Davis (12,303 ft)

Foiled by wildfire smoke from starting our backpacking trip, we accidentally agreed to a 27-mile car-to-car ascent of an obscure peak behind Ritter & Banner!

20 08 09Mammoth Lakes

Mount Warren with Yelly

Yelly and Mica's day in the mountain

20 08 07Mammoth Lakes

West Ridge of Conness

Fun day simul/soloing the west ridge and dodging afternoon hail & lightning. So good!

20 08 02Mammoth Lakes

North Arete of Bear Creek Spire (13,726 ft) c2c

Car-to-car Bear Creek Spire on a bluebird Sierra Sunday ☀️

20 07 19Mammoth Lakes

Hail on Red Slate Mountain

Mica's longest day yet, a scenic 20 miles through Sierra highcountry with snow-tumbling and stream-crossing.

20 07 09Mammoth Lakes

San Joaquin Mountain: My first SPS

I cannot blog, because I am a dog. But if I could, this is what I would say about my first peakbagging adventure.

18 09 26Berlin

a dream sensation, life in berlin (2017)

A lifetime ago.

17 07 10Berlin

so I can work longer, so I can earn more,

so I can do more maintainance on this meat vessel of my consciousness.

17 03 30London

What am I reading? (March 2017)

Books I read in March 2017! The Best We Could Do, Strange Pilgrims, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Confidence Code.

17 03 20Brooklyn

a tiny life in brooklyn winter

Excited to be on the road again, exhausted from being excited about things.

17 02 28Brooklyn

What am I reading? (February 2017)

Books I read in February! Part of an ongoing series.

17 02 26Brooklyn

notes from a civic hackathon

I went to Hack The Ban, a peaceful one-day hackathon to support nonprofits and activism.

17 02 13Brooklyn

What am I reading? (January 2017)

I love browsing other peoples' reading lists! and so I am making one too

16 11 30Berlin

signaling in tech is some fucked up shit

I am exactly as cool as I was before I started writing clojure.

16 11 07Berlin

I went to IndieWebCamp

I am inspired by the promises of an Indie Web.